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Backpacker Tips & Guide in Bali Part 2

by Hendri 

Bali is a romatic gateway with crystal clear blue water and white sandy beaches. Bali is great vacation in the world especially in asia. Nowadays many people choosing holiday in Bali. For this moment i will tell you about backpacker tips and guide part 2 if you do journey in bali. I hope you have had read  backpacker tips part 1 before you read this article.

Tanah Lot Temple
One of the best place temple in Bali is Tanah lot. It is third kilometers from Denpasar. One of the hotspot tourist in Bali. The situation of Tanah Lot Temple is cliff over the ocean, the view is absolutely outstanding. If you are luck, you can go to temple and can see a white snake around the coral reef in the cave, and you believe, you can pray there to make your dream come true. many people come there usually at 16.00 - 19.00 in the evening. why?... because many of them want to take sunset wonderful view at the ocean.
You can say beauty personified and mysterious if you had come to Tanah Lot.
For the price enter there isn't expensive and i believe you can buy a ticket there.
Next time if you come to Bali, you must visit tanah Lot if you sure would not go back disappointed.

Uluwatu Temple
One of the populer temple in Bali is Uluwatu. Many people come there usually with their patner, friends, family and this place is really romantic. Uluwatu Temple lies right on the Bukit Peninsula. The temple in Bali is made from dark gray coral same with the uluwatu is pretty but the views make it very impressive.
The Temple is believed that founded by a javanese Priest of the 11th century who arrived in Bali.
There many monkey and sometimes the monkeys disturb visitor. Backpacker tips from me, you must make your digital camera, wallet and other valuable is safe because monkeys sometimes stole your valuables. If the accident occur, you can ask pawang to take it.
In the afternoon besides you look sunset views, you can watch Kecak dance performed.
Kecak dance tell of Ramayana story include a group of men chanting the music.
You can buy ticket there or by your travel.

There are many other places in Bali tours and i'll tell it again at another time. Don't forget to always carry a Digital Camera if you visit your sights so pleasant journey

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