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Tourism of North Sumatera

By Hendri
Indonesia has many beautiful places to visited. Some of them  are North Sumatera. The beautiful places you can get here. Why i say that? Because i am live here. For this time, i will share to you information tourism in North Sumatera.
Lake Toba
Lake Toba is a lake voulcanic . about 150 kilometers from Medan. Medan is capital of north Sumatera. If you want to go there, you can go by bus. Some of Bus to go there is Sejahtera, Intra Bus and many of Bus to go there. Cost of to go there is cheap, about Rp 20.000 or US$ 2 . Time of trip about 4 hours from Medan.  Along the way you will pass Deli Serdang regency, Serdang Bedagai regency, Tebing Tinggi Municipality and Simalungun regency.
For backpacker especially backpacking indonesia, many cheap hotel at Lake Toba. Just US$10 – 100. You can swimming and diving. Pora – pora is famous fish and  fisherman always fishing to sell to Batam and other city. You can ride bicycle but the first you must cross by ship to go to Samosir island. About 1 hour  by little ship and 2 hours by Ferry ship. Just US$ 1 of cost, it’s really cheap. You can do arround samosir island by bicycle and can rent it there. I am sure you will enjoy beautiful scenery. You can ride a bicycle across cliff and ricefield. I suggest you must bring a digital camera, because many hotspot for tourist. You can bathe hot spring  there about 1 hour by bus from Tuktuk.
Berastagi is Medan’s peak. There are many Mountain there, some of them is Sinabung  and Mount Sibayak. Sibayak is mountain active voulcanic.  If you want to climbing mount Sibayak, you can go by sutra or Sinabung Bus about 2 hours come there. Just US$2 to go there. Usually if you want to hike sibayak start in the night at 01.00 wib. Why you must climbing in the evening? Sunrise is wait for you on Sibayak mountain and you can take a picture. Your tent can build in the peak Sibayak. But in the morning many people always go down from Sibayak peak but from other way.
From Sibayak Mountain you can move on mount Sinabung about 3 hours. In the foot of Sinabung exactly edge of the Lau Tawar Lake you can build your tent. Especially in  the new year eve, you must go the faster if want to build tent, because thousand  people come there. In the peak of Sinabung mountain is crowded on the night. Many people  celebrate change new year on the Sinabung mountain peak. Backpacking Indonesia tips, because Very cold  the weather, so you must bring a jacket and logistic especially water
Medan City 
Medan is capital of north Sumatera. Of course development here is faster than other city in Nort Sumatera. Many Modern building here begin hotel, cafe, caraoke and many nice places you can visit here. Medan has famous good food. The favourite places is Nelayan resto. The favourite food places are Istana maimon, Raya Mosque, Office Post and etc.
So, if you want to come to Indonesian don’t forget to visit Nort Sumatera. 

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