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Backpacker Tips & Guide in Bali Part 1

Article by Hendri

For this time I try to write article in English for my friend all over the world especially USA and Germany.
I think some of you had ever gone to paradise in Indonesia exactly in Bali...
For this time i will share to you just a little tips backpacking in Bali if you have plan holiday in Bali especially for my friend that don't have much money for holiday or it is called backpacker.

Ok i will tell a little to you about Bali.
Bali is beutiful famous place in Indonesia and we proud have it. You can walk in Bali from morning until night without worry cause Bali is safe, and we always make Bali is safe for a long time so that many people  plan to journey there...
Many beautiful place in Bali some of them is Kuta beach or kute beach. Many people surve there or dry in the sun while drink a cup of juice. I'm sure you will never forget it, want and want to do it again. There...you can eat defend on you money, because this blog just for backpacker in Bali, so i share cheaper eat. Lunch just $1 US really really cheap isn't!!  

If you want to get another  chalenge, you can rent a motor cycle just $5 US / a day. 
The weather there is cold and always rain. There you can rent a speed board, if i mistaken rent it $35 US for one hour.You will around lake bedugul.
By motor cycle u can go to Bedugul. If i may suggest, you go there with your friends, more than 5 motor cycle you can touring in 2-3 hour and a long road you can looak terasering ricefiled it's so beutiful.... You can stop there and take a picture.
If you have arrived there you can buy strawberry just $1-2 US it's really cheap.
The weather there is cold and always rain. There you can rent a speed board, if i mistaken rent it $35 US for one hour

On the night in Bali many destination you can do it. You can make a party with your friends is like drink a bir or sampanye or etc, but....before you party you have to try this food. If you are  like spicy food. you can go to "Nasi pedas" near Joger shop. Price is pariatif, begin $1 - 3 US. 
Still many tourism place in Bali that i can’t tell it in this article from A –Z because isn’t enough time and i had sleepy tihs night  .

Oh ya you can klik this articles about best compact digital cameras and low cost but high spec digita cameras,  because backpacker without digital isn' t complete.
Nextime i will share about backpacker inbali in part 2.

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