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Are you thinking about Visit Indonesia?

Indonesia has more marine biodiversity than anywhere else on earth and is the heart of the sea, You have to visit Indonesia because many variety of marine life at the sea begins.With 20% of coral reefs in the world, more than 3000 species of fish and 600 species of corals, deep sea trenches, undersea mountains of volcanic origin, the World War II shipwrecks and various types of macro life, diving in Indonesia are both very good and can be cheap. Diving here today and experience all the amazing fish and other marine life forms of the nutrient-rich sea.

Of meetings with large pelagic in the cold waters of Komodo, Cruising the pristine coral reefs in the area of ​​Raja Ampat, admiring a large number of fish in the Banda Islands, to photograph the creature scandal Sulawesi, Indonesia unsurpassable.Beyond Komodo scuba diving is one of the most exciting frontier there , around the Banda Islands Raja Ampat and where there are several boats and divers looking for fun serious only. Visit Indonesia has many fantastic dive almost assured.Gavin Macaulay is Director of the World Dive Marketing aims to help divers find the perfect diving holiday in some of the most attractive destination in the world of diving.

Each adventure travel, new places to explore, sailing under a velvety night sky with stars so bright and so close you think you can touch them.My "cruise" the first PADI Open Water is for me. Two nights on board 'Scubapro' Cairns.Sitting on the bridge open after sunset, chatting with new friends, admiring the Southern Cross, watching shooting stars make their way through the night sky, from the unknown into the unknown - truly glorious Being a morning person, I like the early days of diving . The underwater world seem more mysterious before daylight illuminates every corner.

Time to go back if you had finish to visit Indonesia, but do not forget your safety stop! Indonesia is an archipelago of more than 17,000 islands. Although there are a lot of land diving on offer, some of the best dive destination is just a cruise. One of the highlights for me was to see the dugong (sea cow), while diving in the Banda Islands. I was on a journey that began in Sorong, West Papua, known to divers as a starting point for some amazing diving in Raja Ampat, finishing in Ambon. On other trips, scuba diving in Bunaken Marine Park, and took a few hours of diving, hiking on the island of Komodo, home of the Komodo dragon.

Liveaboard scuba diving is all an adventure, exploring the unknown, dive sites that can not be achieved by the climbers, meet new people or catching up with old friends. Dive, eat, dive, eat, eat dive - the bathroom. All of it you can find if you visit Indonesia. Sybille Conrad is the travel agents are experienced international dive travel agents and specialists. He is the Savior of TDI Diver and Diver course, and holds a Grad Dip Recreation Management. If you are already an experienced diver or you are new to diving, but have a budget and a desire to experience diving for maximum enjoyment you should visit the "Four Kings" famous.
 This has been a topic of discussion in the forum diving enthusiasts around the world and a subject of fascination for serious divers want to experience the breathtaking beauty of Raja Ampat coral reefs.

 If the popularity reached a record high, also can be a paradise for lovers of the world to visit the pilgrimage at least once in their life insurance is similar to Muslims.Diving when you visit Indonesia not just people from accidents that might occur in their underwater adventure, but it can also include their diving equipment and compressor them, etc.Diving insurance can also protect and cover up the camera as well, saving thousands of dollars in something unexpected happens on an underwater camera.

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Indonesia Tour Operators

In other article i have wrote about Bali, and this session i wrote about indonesia tour operators that is Bali. Maybe you ask, why Bali, Not other places in Indonesia? because Bali is Beutiful for me to told again, but on this article many information you can get it if want to come Indonesia  make sure you don't miss these Bali highlights.
1. Tanah Lot is the next most popular of the many Hindu pura scattered around the Island. The Hindu sea temple is perched on a rock formation surrounded by crashing waves that can be reached at low tide. The temple provides a perfect foreground to a stunning sunset April to November.
2. The next indonesia tour operators is Uluwatu Temple, most popular of them  scattered around the Island. Naturally being a temple, there is a strict dress code although sarongs and clothes can be rented at the entrance. Inside be watchful of the cunning monkeys that love snatching bags and cameras from visitors.
3. The other places is Beaches - Some of the best surfing beaches in the world can be found on the western side of the island. The eastern side is a wonderful haven for families, with beautiful white sand beaches and gentle seas. Do not swim at a beach if a red flag is planted in the sand.
4. The next journey is part of beaches , that is Surfing is taught by several surf schools teaching beginners and intermediates along the popular stretch of sand and gentle waves between Kuta and Legian beaches, while Seminyak offers intermediates a little more challenge with less crowds.
5. Waterbom Park is a water park (water slides, pools, tropical garden) a short walk from Kuta Beach, Kuta Square and opposite the Discovery Shopping Mall
6. Kintamani Volcano Tour is one of the most popular and spectacular sightseeing tours in Bali. Visit the cooler mountainous region of Bali where horticulture in the main activity. The main attraction for visitors is around Lake Batur and the spectacular view of the crater lake set in a vast volcano caldera. A climb to the summit of Mount Batur, still an active volcano, to watch the sunrise is an unforgettable experience for more energetic travellers.
7. Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary is located in Ubud 20kms north of Denpassar. Explore the three holy temples set in a dense jungle and populated by long-tailed macaques (monkeys). They look cute but don't feed them as they are wild animals with no table manners. Keep hold of your possessions as they are known to bag snatch!
8. Bali Safari and Marine Park takes visitors through Indian, Indonesian and African wildlife eco-systems. Enjoy the water park, theme park rides, elephant rides, baby animal petting, animal & elephant shows.
9. Lembongan Island Reef Cruise offers visitors a full day of water activities in Lembongan Bay. The boat ties up at a large floating pontoon where visitors can experience underwater marine viewing, a water slide, snorkelling, scuba diving, village excursions and a buffet lunch.
10. Watch the Sunset which is best viewed from the beach. Kuta's sunset is impressive during December's solstice when the sun is at its lowest, casting atmospheric shadows and a warm orange glow.
11. Balinese Cooking Class is a great way to experience Balinese life and culture through learning about its food and cooking style. Learn about the exotic herbs and spices used in ceremonial and everyday Balinese dishes.
12. Elephant Safari Park is a wonderful elephant sanctuary where visitors can learn about elephants and go elephant treking around the park.
13. White water rafting on the Ayung river is a fun and exhilarating experience while passing through rainforest, rapids and cascading waterfalls.
14. Spa Treatment is a great way to treat yourself and is available at many hotels.
15. Scuba Diving and snorkeling are provided by various dive shop operators in Bali running day trips to many interesting scuba diving sites around Bali including Pulau Menjangan which is very popular.

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Tourism of North Sumatera

By Hendri
Indonesia has many beautiful places to visited. Some of them  are North Sumatera. The beautiful places you can get here. Why i say that? Because i am live here. For this time, i will share to you information tourism in North Sumatera.
Lake Toba
Lake Toba is a lake voulcanic . about 150 kilometers from Medan. Medan is capital of north Sumatera. If you want to go there, you can go by bus. Some of Bus to go there is Sejahtera, Intra Bus and many of Bus to go there. Cost of to go there is cheap, about Rp 20.000 or US$ 2 . Time of trip about 4 hours from Medan.  Along the way you will pass Deli Serdang regency, Serdang Bedagai regency, Tebing Tinggi Municipality and Simalungun regency.
For backpacker especially backpacking indonesia, many cheap hotel at Lake Toba. Just US$10 – 100. You can swimming and diving. Pora – pora is famous fish and  fisherman always fishing to sell to Batam and other city. You can ride bicycle but the first you must cross by ship to go to Samosir island. About 1 hour  by little ship and 2 hours by Ferry ship. Just US$ 1 of cost, it’s really cheap. You can do arround samosir island by bicycle and can rent it there. I am sure you will enjoy beautiful scenery. You can ride a bicycle across cliff and ricefield. I suggest you must bring a digital camera, because many hotspot for tourist. You can bathe hot spring  there about 1 hour by bus from Tuktuk.
Berastagi is Medan’s peak. There are many Mountain there, some of them is Sinabung  and Mount Sibayak. Sibayak is mountain active voulcanic.  If you want to climbing mount Sibayak, you can go by sutra or Sinabung Bus about 2 hours come there. Just US$2 to go there. Usually if you want to hike sibayak start in the night at 01.00 wib. Why you must climbing in the evening? Sunrise is wait for you on Sibayak mountain and you can take a picture. Your tent can build in the peak Sibayak. But in the morning many people always go down from Sibayak peak but from other way.
From Sibayak Mountain you can move on mount Sinabung about 3 hours. In the foot of Sinabung exactly edge of the Lau Tawar Lake you can build your tent. Especially in  the new year eve, you must go the faster if want to build tent, because thousand  people come there. In the peak of Sinabung mountain is crowded on the night. Many people  celebrate change new year on the Sinabung mountain peak. Backpacking Indonesia tips, because Very cold  the weather, so you must bring a jacket and logistic especially water
Medan City 
Medan is capital of north Sumatera. Of course development here is faster than other city in Nort Sumatera. Many Modern building here begin hotel, cafe, caraoke and many nice places you can visit here. Medan has famous good food. The favourite places is Nelayan resto. The favourite food places are Istana maimon, Raya Mosque, Office Post and etc.
So, if you want to come to Indonesian don’t forget to visit Nort Sumatera. 

Backpacker Tips & Guide in Bali Part 2

by Hendri 

Bali is a romatic gateway with crystal clear blue water and white sandy beaches. Bali is great vacation in the world especially in asia. Nowadays many people choosing holiday in Bali. For this moment i will tell you about backpacker tips and guide part 2 if you do journey in bali. I hope you have had read  backpacker tips part 1 before you read this article.

Tanah Lot Temple
One of the best place temple in Bali is Tanah lot. It is third kilometers from Denpasar. One of the hotspot tourist in Bali. The situation of Tanah Lot Temple is cliff over the ocean, the view is absolutely outstanding. If you are luck, you can go to temple and can see a white snake around the coral reef in the cave, and you believe, you can pray there to make your dream come true. many people come there usually at 16.00 - 19.00 in the evening. why?... because many of them want to take sunset wonderful view at the ocean.
You can say beauty personified and mysterious if you had come to Tanah Lot.
For the price enter there isn't expensive and i believe you can buy a ticket there.
Next time if you come to Bali, you must visit tanah Lot if you sure would not go back disappointed.

Uluwatu Temple
One of the populer temple in Bali is Uluwatu. Many people come there usually with their patner, friends, family and this place is really romantic. Uluwatu Temple lies right on the Bukit Peninsula. The temple in Bali is made from dark gray coral same with the uluwatu is pretty but the views make it very impressive.
The Temple is believed that founded by a javanese Priest of the 11th century who arrived in Bali.
There many monkey and sometimes the monkeys disturb visitor. Backpacker tips from me, you must make your digital camera, wallet and other valuable is safe because monkeys sometimes stole your valuables. If the accident occur, you can ask pawang to take it.
In the afternoon besides you look sunset views, you can watch Kecak dance performed.
Kecak dance tell of Ramayana story include a group of men chanting the music.
You can buy ticket there or by your travel.

There are many other places in Bali tours and i'll tell it again at another time. Don't forget to always carry a Digital Camera if you visit your sights so pleasant journey

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Touring Incredible Indonesia

Executive Summary by 

Indonesia's phenomenal natural bounty is world famous and it is synonymous with tourism now. However, most of people think of Indonesia as a youngster's paradise, for backpackers trips indonesia lover and youth on their gap year holidays. Part of it is because of its distance from the Western world. But as globalization has shrunk our world and older people journey to Indonesia on work, the number of expatriates too is on the rise and this has contributed to Indonesia now being rediscovered as a great and happy place to take your friend and families. Leisure travel has increased as people choose to take their children along and show them a different and fascinating world.
Bali is an choice to take children with its emphasis on culture and traditions and the grace of its arts. Children will love going through the traditional temples is like Bali, especially during festivals. It will be even more fun if you dress up in traditional sarongs as you watch the processions of gorgeously attired locals. Apart from the cultural aspect, the beach too is a huge draw for children. Sun yourself while they dig elaborate castles and build and destroy cities in the fine white sand. Slather on the sun block and the whole family can head out on a great boat ride to islands, near and far.
Sunbathing, Snorkeling, Scuba Diving
You can indulge in your favorite activity from exploring, snorkeling the islands, or bonding with family over a great game of beach football and etc. Indonesia is a great place to shop and the street markets will be a fabulous new experience for the family. You can see the good natured haggling and try it out yourself. Kids can pick out their own souvenirs from a wide range of things like kites, wooden, carved animals and birds, musical instruments made from the local wood and good quality.

Many hotels in Indonesia have activities planned out for children and some even have children's clubs where the kids can mingle with other children and generally raise Cain while being watched over by professional child minders. Trips Indonesia will give the adults a chance to experience the romantic atmosphere exuded by Indonesia and pamper themselves in the spa. Most hotels will offer children's meals and you have to be careful about giving street food to children. To round off the holiday, head off to an amusement park where you can become one of the kids yourself.
Excite hotels Takes Visitors to Explore Seasons of Comfort at Hotels in Indonesia
Excite hotels as a leading hotel reservation agency takes the traveler to experience a vacation in beautiful Indonesia hotels. Tourists can enjoy great hotel accommodations with Excitehotels.com and have a memorable holiday.

Backpacker Tips & Guide in Bali Part 1

Article by Hendri

For this time I try to write article in English for my friend all over the world especially USA and Germany.
I think some of you had ever gone to paradise in Indonesia exactly in Bali...
For this time i will share to you just a little tips backpacking in Bali if you have plan holiday in Bali especially for my friend that don't have much money for holiday or it is called backpacker.

Ok i will tell a little to you about Bali.
Bali is beutiful famous place in Indonesia and we proud have it. You can walk in Bali from morning until night without worry cause Bali is safe, and we always make Bali is safe for a long time so that many people  plan to journey there...
Many beautiful place in Bali some of them is Kuta beach or kute beach. Many people surve there or dry in the sun while drink a cup of juice. I'm sure you will never forget it, want and want to do it again. There...you can eat defend on you money, because this blog just for backpacker in Bali, so i share cheaper eat. Lunch just $1 US really really cheap isn't!!  

If you want to get another  chalenge, you can rent a motor cycle just $5 US / a day. 
The weather there is cold and always rain. There you can rent a speed board, if i mistaken rent it $35 US for one hour.You will around lake bedugul.
By motor cycle u can go to Bedugul. If i may suggest, you go there with your friends, more than 5 motor cycle you can touring in 2-3 hour and a long road you can looak terasering ricefiled it's so beutiful.... You can stop there and take a picture.
If you have arrived there you can buy strawberry just $1-2 US it's really cheap.
The weather there is cold and always rain. There you can rent a speed board, if i mistaken rent it $35 US for one hour

On the night in Bali many destination you can do it. You can make a party with your friends is like drink a bir or sampanye or etc, but....before you party you have to try this food. If you are  like spicy food. you can go to "Nasi pedas" near Joger shop. Price is pariatif, begin $1 - 3 US. 
Still many tourism place in Bali that i can’t tell it in this article from A –Z because isn’t enough time and i had sleepy tihs night  .

Oh ya you can klik this articles about best compact digital cameras and low cost but high spec digita cameras,  because backpacker without digital isn' t complete.
Nextime i will share about backpacker inbali in part 2.

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Backpacker Tips & Guide

Godong Ijo

Pertama kali memasuki Godong Ijo, Anda serasa memasuki "HUTAN" karena kawasan seluas sekitar 3 hektar ini dihiasi berbagai pepohonan langka yang berusia puluhan tahun sehingga menghadirkan kesan Hutan Alami. Anak-anak khususnya akan senang berada di Godong Ijo karena dalam kawasan ini terdapat Kolam Ikan Koi, Kolam Ikan Alligator, Kolam Arapaima Gigas. Anda dan anak-anak dapat melihat Kura–Kura Raksasa terbesar di dunia, Ular Raksasa terbesar di dunia, Ular Phyton Albino, ditambah tempat bermain anak yang luas dapat menampung sekitar 300 anak yang akan menjadi tempat favorit si kecil.
Godong Ijo juga dapat menjadi salah satu tujuan wisata kuliner Anda dengan berbagai pilihan menu makanan istimewa dan suasana cafe yang asri. Untuk membuat Anda nyaman, furniture yang digunakan di cafe ini bukanlah furniture sembarangan, meja round table yang terbuat dari kayu jati pilihan yang berusia ratusan tahun dan juga kursi & furniture yang antik dan elegant dipersiapkan agar Anda merasa nyaman. Dengan kesan mewah yang sangat terasa di cafe ini, membuat cafe ini menjadi tempat yang sangat cocok untuk menjamu relasi bisnis, meeting, family gathering dan acara istimewa lainnya bersama keluarga.
Wisata Edukasi
Ternyata tidak mudah memilih tempat dengan konsep "Belajar sambil Berwisata" sekaligus, tetapi Anda dapat menemukannya di Godong Ijo. Terdapat aneka program wisata edukasi yaitu:
  • "Young Greeners"

    Materi: Opera & Movie mengenai Global Warming, Bercocok Tanam Modern, Reptile Corner & Interaction, Memandikan dan Memberi Makan "Kura – Kura Raksasa", Keliling Dunia dengan Flora & Fauna, Vertical Garden / Pot Scaping, Out Bond Games / Team Building Games.
    Kisaran harga Rp. 70.000,- s/d. Rp. 125.000,- per orang.
  • "Fast Learning Camp"

    Materi Jitu: Meningkatkan Daya Fokus (High Focus), Mengingat Jangka Panjang (Memo Brain), Teknik Rahasia Sukses Ujian (Secrets Exam Technique), Memperkuat Daya Ingat (Super Memory), Meringkas Efektif (Mind Mapping), dikombinasikan dengan Enviroment Knowledge dan Outbond Games / Team Building Games.
    Kisaran harga Rp. 150.000,- s/d. Rp. 200.000,- per orang.
  • "Go Organic"

    Materi Jitu: Bercocok Tanam dengan Media Tanam Organik dan Insektisida Organik dikombinasikan dengan Enviroment Knowledge dan Outbond Games / Team Building Games.
    Kisaran harga Rp. 90.000,- s/d. Rp. 150.000,- per orang.
  • "Koki Cilik"

    Belajar memasak aneka masakan "Kiddie Menu". Hasilnya untuk dimakan bersama-sama, dikombinasikan dengan "Fun Games, Keliling Dunia dengan Flora & Fauna, Bercocok Tanam"
    Kisaran harga Rp. 60.000,- s/d. Rp. 150.000,- per orang.
  • "Animal Encounter"

    Mengulik Rahasia berbagai Hewan Piaraan (Pets) yang dibimbing langsung oleh para Dokter Hewan.
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